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I would definitely recommend this camp to my fellow officials interested in advancing to the next level. I was most impressed with the quality of clinicians working the camp. To be able to receive such quality information from experts at their respective position is something you can't put a price on. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience at the Gulf Atlantic College Football Officials Camp.

The ability to network with other officials at various levels was great and the knowledge shared from the clinicians is invaluable.


Yes. Because it is a an opportunity to become familiar with the differences between the college and high school rules and mechanics. It is also a great opportunity to begin a network with other officials from different parts of the country.

The value of the camp was tremendous. Far exceeds what you get at other camps for the price. From the meals to the camp materials and the NASO membership on top.

Absolutely. At my age, advancement may not involve "climbing the ladder," but the information and training I received can be put into use NOW that will make me a MUCH better official at the High School level. I loved the closing dinner. In our main sessions, the tandem hosts at the podium reminded me of Abbott & Costello, keeping things light and entertaining. My breakout instructors (R/C) were consummate professionals in every sense of the word and extremely personable. On the field, Kevin provided SPECIFIC do's/don'ts immediately after my snaps.


I would recommend this clinic for any official because it will make you a better ref.

This camp had some of the best guys in College Football in an environment where they were so relaxed and approachable! Not having to worry about anything while at camp (food, snacks etc.) lets you focus on football and football only! All the clinicians were great! The campus at SEU is second to none! I felt spoiled the entire weekend! Most of all the knowledge and information available was invaluable! Thanks again guys!

Absolutely would recommend this camp, it was a true camp atmosphere. Everyone was helpful and supportive. The clinicians were very informative & gave direct instruction

I would highly recommend the camp. The experience of the Position leader and other officials at the camp was an invaluable. The information can be used on all levels. The fact of having Officials review and correct you right on the field was great. The film review after the scrimmage was extremely helpful.

I would recommend this camp to senior officials who are set in their ways and have no interest in moving on to the next level. I think it would really be an eye opening experience and something they could take back to their local high school association.

Excellent opportunity to learn from a team of very qualified officials. Very reasonably priced. The info on the USB drive including the scrimmage video was a nice addition.

This was quite simply the BEST clinic I have ever attended. There was something for everyone. The clinicians were the stars and the organizers did an outstanding job with the facilities, food , format & fun!

I would recommend this camp, this was my very first camp and am overall pleased with everything that I have learned and experienced. I came in not knowing what to expect and you all did a great job of getting me the right tools and knowledge to become a better official and how to get/stay at the collegiate level. Thank you.

Very informative and I really enjoyed the Deep Wing clinicians and their down to earth mentality and approach-ability and their interaction at the scrimmage and social events

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