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Please see below for frequently asked questions about our Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who is this camp for?

A: This is a camp for any football official who is interested in working NCAA football or has some collegiate experience but would like more mentoring to enhance his/her ability to become better on the field.


Q: How did this camp come about?

A: Florida NCAA football officials, who have been fortunate to receive mentoring and assistance in their own careers, wanted to give back in a way that would benefit fellow officials.


Q: What is different about your camp?

A: This camp emphasizes officials knowledge, mechanics, and decision making processes through the use of technology. 


Q: What mechanics will we be using?

A: We will employ 7 and 8-man mechanics which allows officials to become proficient at all positions currently used in Division I football.


Q: What conference does Edward Waters University play in?

A: The SIAC Conference.


Q: What video will we receive at this camp?

A: You will receive video of your snaps at the scrimmage that you work, plus video that has been used by Division I conferences to enhance officiating.


Q: If I come to the camp do I have to stay in the hotel if I live close by?

A: The hotel is optional- this was done to give officials a common place to stay if traveling a long distance.  The camp does not receive any compensation if you stay in the hotel.


Q: If I want to travel with my wife, do I have to room with another official still?

A: Absolutely not- please feel free to travel with your wife, but you will be responsible for the full amount for the room.



Q: Does attending this camp guarantee my acceptance into a college conference?

A: The simple answer is no.  However, attending a camp where Division I clinicians are leading classroom discussions, mentoring, and on-field mechanics, will benefit you and prepare you when applying to conferences.  We will also have several supervisors and observers from conferences at our camp who will also evaluate talent.


Q: Where can we smoke on campus?

A: There are NO tobacco products allowed on any campus or camp related function.  If you are caught using dip, chew, or smoking cigarettes you will be immediately dismissed from the camp.


Q: I am a high school official, do I have to purchase an NCAA style shirt for this camp?

A: No, please wear your officiating shirt that you currently have. 


Q: Do we wear pants or shorts to this Camp?

A: You will wear black pants with the white stripe down the side.  Also, please be sure to bring both a short and a long-sleeved officiating shirt as the weather in Florida can be unpredictable at times and we would rather you come over-prepared!


Q: What would be a good study guide to use while preparing for the Camp?

A: The CCA Football mechanics manual for 7 and 8-man crews would be very useful to understand that movement on the field by your particular position.


Q: I called to reserve the hotel room- how do I share the cost with a roommate that I don't know?

A: Many of us have attended camps, clinics, and various football functions without knowing who our roommate would be prior.  Splitting the cost with a roommate can be done at the hotel desk check-in, or you may want to work something out with your roommate if staying two nights.  This can be done at check-in on Friday, March 4th or upon check-out on March 5th/6th.


Have a question? Feel free to fill out the form below and we should get back to you within  a few hours!


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