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Special Guests

Perry Havener- Mr. Havener has been the Coordinator of Football Officials for the Southern Conference since April, 2020, and has been involved in officiating for more than 40 years.  He also serves as the Assistant Coordinator of Football Officials for the SEC, and most recently worked as a replay official in the Sun Belt.  Before working in replay, Mr. Havener was an on-field official in the Sun Belt for 9 seasons, and prior to that he was in the Mid-American Conference.  Mr. Havener founded the Gulf Atlantic Collegiate Officials Association in 1996 and has helped develop more than 100 officials who moved to Division I in the NCAA and then NFL.


Bill Carollo- Mr. Carollo has served as the Coordinator of Football Officials of the Collegiate Officiating Consortium since the 2009 season, which serves the Mid-American Conference, Big Ten Conference and the Missouri Valley Football Conference. Mr. Carollo officiated in the NFL from 1989 to 2008, breaking in as side judge before being promoted to referee in 1997. He was on the field as referee for Super Bowls XXX and XXXVII, as well as 8 Conference Championships. From 2000 to 2006, he was Executive Director of the NFL Referees Association.  Mr. Carollo currently serves as a member on the NCAA Football Rules Committee.

Tom Symonette- Former NFL official and current Supervisor of officials for the SIAC.

Andre Lowe-  Mr. Lowe has 18 years of college football officiating experience and previously served as a NCAA Football official in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) and the MEAC.  In his 16 years as a crew chief, Mr. Lowe officiated the NCAA FCS Playoffs in 2005, 2014 and 2016.  In 2007, he served as a crew chief at the NCAA FCS National Championship.  Mr.Lowe earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Management, from Morehouse College in 1983.

Eddie Kelley- A native of Lufkin Texas, began officiating in Houston Texas in 1987. Hired in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) in 2008, Southland in 2012, and PAC-12 in 2017. Eddie has worked 3 Bayou Classics and 5 SWAC Championship games. He was the President of the SWAC football officiating association. In February of 2019 Eddie was hired as Supervisor of football officials for the SWAC.

Matt Young- Mr. Young was named the Ohio Valley Conference Coordinator of Football Officiating on March 23, 2017.  He is in charge of recruiting, training and developing the OVC football officials, as well the game selection and assignment and evaluation of those officials and oversight of an officials’ observation program.  In 2017 Mr. Young oversaw the successful implementation of instant replay in the OVC and the expansion of the staff to include instant replay officials, communicators, and technicians.

John Smoot- Mr. Smoot is the Supervisor for Football Officials for both the Gulf South Conference as well as the Mid-South Conference, an NAIA conference with 23 members and a wide-ranging footprint. At the Mid-South, he hires, trains, and evaluates the entire staff of over 100 officials.  Mr. Smoot worked on the field for the Ohio Valley Conference from 2002-17 before moving to his current role as the OVC’s Replay Official. While serving as a line judge, he worked multiple DI FCS playoff games and was part of the OVC crew that officiated the 2009 FCS National Championship Game.  Additionally, Mr. Smoot has worked three NAIA National Championship Games as a replay official.

Peter Vaas- Mr. Vaas is the current SEC/Sun Belt Assistant Supervisor of Officials/Replay since April of 2022.  Prior to that he was an Instant Replay Official for the ACC from Jan 2020 until his new position in April 2022.  Mr. Vaas worked as the Replay Official for the 2022 National Championship Game (Georgia vs Alabama).

Keven Mack- Mr. Mack has been involved in officiating basketball and football for over 45 years. His journey in officiating began in 1980 in Georgia high schools with his initial focus and love of basketball officiating, which led him into officiating basketball in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC). In the SIAC, Mr. Mack was selected to officiate the championship game of the conference for ten consecutive years. He has served on the basketball officiating staffs of the Georgia College, Peach Belt, and Big South, where he was selected to officiate several post tournament games. After some convincing from mentors, he began his football officiating career following 5 years of officiating basketball. Mr. Mack’s football career also started in the SIAC and advanced to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) from 1988 to 1996.  In 1996, he was selected to officiate in the World League of American Football. Then, in 1997-1998, he was selected to officiate in the National Football League (NFL) Europe League. From 1997 to 2001, he officiated in the NFL as a Field Judge. Since 2002, Mr. Mack has been involved with the NFL as an observer and scout.

Jim Guinan- Mr. Guinan, an active member of the NFL officiating scouting department, will join us at this year's Camp. Mr. Guinan comes with 13 years of experience as a scout as well as 40 years experience as an official, to include as a Head Linesman in the Big East (now known as the AAC).

Larry Upson- Mr. Upson comes to us from the PAC-12 Conference and currently is a Football Officiating Supervisor where he evaluates the work of officials assigned to his position, and has done so since 2015.  Before that he worked as the Vice President of Officiating Operations in the United Football League from 2007 until 2012.  His work as the Director of Officiating Operations for the NFL encompassed 10 years, beginning in 1997, and he was invaluable to the development and continued improvement of officiating during his tenure.

Carl Paganelli- Carl started his officiating career in 1978 as a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.  He has worked college football in Division III, Division II, the Mid-American Conference and the Big Ten Conference.  Working his way to the NFL, he officiated three years in NFL Europe and in 1999, Carl was hired by the NFL.  Carl has worked numerous playoff assignments in the NFL including Five Championship Games.  His greatest accomplishments in officiating are his Four Super Bowl.  His most memorable Super Bowl was Super Bowl 41, which he officiated with his oldest brother Perry, in Miami, Florida.

Bill Schuster- Bill is currently a Coordinator/ Coach for the NFL where his primary duties consist of working with the Umpires.  Bill Officiated in the NFL for 2 decades as an Umpire in which he officiated Super Bowl XLIX and 14 playoff games in his on-field career. From 2016 to 2022 Bill was the Coordinator of Football Officials for Division 3 conference in NY State.

Jon Berger- Jon currently serves as an Officiating Trainer & Replay Coordinator for the NFL. In this role, Berger works in the Art McNally Gameday Central during all games, creates training tapes for officials regarding replay, and moderates meetings for Replay Officials and Replay Assistants.  Previously, Berger worked for the New York Giants in several roles, culminating in over a decade as the club’s Senior Director of Football Information. In this role, Berger aided in the team’s game management, including communicating with the Head Coach in-game regarding rules and challenge decisions. He also met regularly with players and coaches to prepare for various in-game situations and review rule applications.

Mark Collins- Mr. Collins is currently a coach coordinator with the NFL officiating department. Mr. Collins comes with twenty years of coaching experience including twelve in the NFL. His coaching stops include East Tennessee State University, Elon University, Georgia Southern University, Louisiana-Monroe, the University of Georgia, the University of Michigan, the Atlanta Falcons, the New York Jets, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Doug Rosenbaum- Mr. Rosenbaum is currently an officiating coordinator coach with the NFL officiating department.


Scott Aronowitz- COC Instant Replay, NFL Instant Replay video operator, NFL playoffs 2018-19 season (Philadelphia @ Chicago, Wild Card), Articles contributor, Referee Magazine

Andrew McGrath- COC Instant Replay, NFL Instant Replay video operator, NFL playoffs 2018-19 season (Seattle @ Dallas, Wild Card), 2019-2020 season (Seattle @ Green Bay, Divisional Round), Military Bowl Game 2021, Mid American Conference (MAC) Championship Game 2022, XFL Replay 2023


Tyrone Anderson- ACC

Keegan Ashbee- CUSA

Grantis Bell- NFL

​​Tra Blake- NFL

William Bonet- Sun Belt

Wes Booker- SEC

Steve Clein- ACC

Brian Davis- SIAC

Robin DeLorenzo- NFL

Ramon George- NFL

Mike Giardullo- OVC

Brett Henninger- MAC

Matt Hill- AAC

John Hoffmann- ACC

Brian Holland- Southern Conference

Pat Holt- NFL

Jacques Hooper- ACC

Wally Hough- SEC

Dennis Jackson- MAC


Deon Lawrence- ACC

Alex Moore- NFL

Aaron Neidert- CUSA

Allan Nicholson- SEC

Eric Oliver- Big Ten

Antwaune Ponds- SIAC

Alonzo Ramsey- NFL

Troy Riley- ACC

Jamal Shears- ACC

David Siegle- MAC

Kevin Stine- NFL

Scott Walker- SEC

Larry Whaley- Sun Belt

Jamie Williams- SEC

Ken Williamson- SEC

Jim Wojcikiewicz- MAC

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