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GACFOC 2018 Photos

The GACFOC in Referee Magazine

Mitchell and Bell.JPG

Harold Mitchell and Grantis Bell discussing the attendees

mccroskey and guinan.JPG

Jeff McCroskey helping attendees with "The Look"

Aronowitz and McGrath.JPG

Andrew McGrath and Scott Aronowitz taking a moment to smile

Moten and Hough.JPG

Wally Hough and Mike Moten discuss the "What if's" with attendees

Page sharing.JPG

Jeff Page of the Southern Conference

Ken sharing.JPG

Ken Williamson talks body positioning

Grantis with deeps.JPG

Grantis Bell providing a side judge with a new perspective

Cal and McCroskey.JPG

Jeff shows off his fancy footwork while Joey Calcagino looks on

Back Judge Feedback.JPG

Andrew taking a moment to work with the Back Judges and keeping a wide view of the field

LOS and Deeps.JPG

LOS and Deep officials discuss sharing information on the field

Stabile and DeArman.JPG

James DeArman and Tom Stabile share mechanics

Guinan and Deon.JPG

Jim and James listen in while Deon explains holding the line

Guinan with short wings.JPG

Jim Guinan shares years of knowledge both as an on-field official and a NFL scout


Scott Aronowitz looks on approvingly as the Referee takes control of the field

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